10 Beautiful Dark WordPress Themes

Finding a good wordpress theme for a new blog is far difficult nowadays with thousands of themes available. Sadly some themes are just slight modifications of the popular themes and carry 3 or 4 sponsored links. In this post i will try to list some of the best dark wordpress themes available. All these themes are professionally designed and free to use with out any restrictions.

1. Dark Theme (demo & download)

bartleme design dark theme

2. Salmon Theme (demo & download)

salmon dark wordpress theme

3. BBRose (download)

bbrose theme

4. redoable 1.2 (demo & download)

redoable wordpress theme

5. 5U Style (download)

5U style wordpress theme

6. Hemingway (demo & download)

hemingway dark wordpress theme

7. Foliage Mod (demo & download)

foliage mod wordpress theme

8. Isolated (demo & download)

isolated theme

9. fScreen 1.0 (demo & download)

fscreen dark theme

10. Choaticsoul 1.0 (demo & download)

choatic soul theme


  1. says

    welcome and thanx for commenting
    glad you liked them
    there are some nice themes but we need to seperate them from the pool

  2. says

    You could point out in the title that these are free themes, although I bet that’s what everyone already assumed 😛

    Nice list & themes

  3. says

    There is no need to point out they are free, people rarely feature paid theme. Nice list by the way. I’m forced to stick with a bright theme on my first blog, and was looking for a dark theme for my second blog, trying different feel. Found this page via Netscape and voted for you too. Thanks :)

  4. Diego Ciconi says

    DeepBlue theme from the same author of Dark Theme is a dark a unique theme:

    It’s even better than the last one…


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