5 Must Have Plugins For Safari

Safari, available on both the Mac and Windows, is one of the best browsers. Lot of people prefer Safari for its speed, look and feel and standards support. Like Firefox, you can add plugins to Safari to further customize your browser based on your needs. Following are a selection of some of the best add-ons for the Safari browser.

1. Inquisitor:
Are you looking for instant search results in Safari? If yes then, Inquisitor is the plug-in you are looking for. From the moment you start typing search terms in the search field, Inquisitor displays the search results in no time. It saves you lot of time by letting you directly enter the site you are looking for, skipping the Google results page entirely.

2. Safari AdBlock:

Too many Adverts on website(s) sometimes annoys the viewers, but it’s hard to find blogs or web sites with no advertisements. Like Firefox and Chrome, Safari also supports extra feature of blocking Ads on website(s) using a plug-in called Safari AdBlock. It nicely does the thing by blocking the Ads and neatly re-organizing the web page.





3. PDF Browser:

If you wish to view PDF files directly in your browser then, you might want to check out PDF Browser plugin for Safari. With PDF browser you can directly view PDF documents in your browser, print them and save – if you wish to read them offline.


4. Safari140:

Probably one of the favorite plug-ins in Safari. Safari140 lets you tweet, read your friends incoming tweets without actually going to the twitter web interface. That means Safari140 allow the user to tweet from any web page. It also notifies you when a new tweets has arrived and provides options to auto-shorten the URL. If you are using Safari and are an active twitter user then, this plug in will be of good use for you.


5. PicLens:

Thanks to PicLens plug-in in Safari, you can now see pictures on Flickr, in a true-full screen. Even more, with PicLens, you can see set of photos in many sites such as Flickr, Facebook, Google Images and more. That’s not all, it also let you do a slide show of set of photos.

What’s your favorite Safari plugin? do tell us in comments.


  1. Meirca says

    I downlod “safari” to my Window XP P\c.
    I receive :”Missing Plug-In”?
    How do I “Plug-In”?
    What can I Do to run the browser properly?