Alt Tab – App switcher for symbian devices

Alt Tab is the familiar keyboard shortcut which makes it easy to switch between opened windows. Now there is Alt Tab like shortcut for S60 devices.

It’s functionality is similar to alt+tab, but you have to use Pencil+C in S60 device to make it work. Hold the pencil key and c to cycle through the currently opened apps. If you let go of the pencil key the current application becomes the active application.
Eq alttab
You can configure EQ Alt Tab to change the hot keys and icon sizes. You can also remove some applications from showing up when you press pencil+c.

Download EQ AltTab, Image andSource


  1. says

    This application switcher is already there in symbian phone. You press the menu key for a second and it will show all the open applications. You can navigate to the application and chose the one you want to switch. This also provides the functionality to close the particular application by pressing the C button. :)