Amazon Cloud Drive desktop app for Windows and Mac

With the launch of Google Drive with desktop apps for both Windows and Mac, the cloud storage space has become more competitive. It is no surprise the Amazon launched desktop apps for Windows and Mac for accessing its cloud drive service from desktop.

Amazon cloud drive launched last year offers 5GB of free storage to users. You can upgrade to paid plans ranging from 20GB / $20 a year to 1000GB / $1000 a year. Till now cloud drive is accessible through a browser or a mobile app for managing files, from now you can use the desktop app for managing your files.

The desktop apps will allow users to upload photos, documents, videos and other files. You can right-click on any file to upload to Amazon cloud drive. But the major drawback with these desktop apps is they won’t sync like their competitors Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox.

Music you bought from Amazon mp3 store will be automatically added to your cloud drive, you can store unlimited tracks in cloud drive as it won’t count towards the storage limit.

Download Amazon desktop apps