Apple Pushing Safari To Windows Users In Sneaky Ways

The tech blogworld is up in arms against Apple’s push of Safari to windows users via Apple software update program. Apple is using it’s iTunes muscle to push Safari to windows users, users who have iTunes installed will see Safari as a standalone installation in the Apple Software update.

I agree this is not a great harm to your computer and Safari is a good browser, but i do think that this is not a good way to recommend a software program. At least they should leave the checkbox unchecked, so that user takes a moment to see what is the program and decides to install or not. I have to agree with Marshall Software downloading should be opt in not opt out. The problem is that an average user won’t see all these things he will just install and unknowingly he will install Safari.

Apple Software Update

I am not a big fan of Apple software, i have removed Quicktime from my computer, because it is useless for me and annoys a lot of the time. I do installed Safari when it was released.

So next time when you install something check before what you are installing just don’t hit the button blindly. All the software you install may not be good, sometimes horrible things may happen.