Aviary: Tools for Creative Artists


Aviary is a creative suite of editing applications created for the artists of all genres. Aviary tools span from image editing to typography, music, video.

Aviary tools will simplify the collaboration between artists and also provide a marketplace for the artists. It is good for hobbyists or budding artists to work in a collaborative environment. Aviary tools are well integrated with each other, this is important if you are working on a complex project. There are a few social networking features available for the members like other users can see your pictures, rate them and comment on your creations.

As Aviary states these tools not for simple image editing like cropping or red eye removal they are for real artists or designers who wants to create a piece of art.

aviary tools

All of the tools are not yet opened up, currently only Phoenix, image editing tool is available. If you have ever used photoshop you will see it just looks like that. It doesn’t have all the features of photoshop yet but its impressive.

Aviary tools are built on Adobe Flex platform, so they will work on Windows, Mac, Linux platforms. Some of the tools may be available as Adobe AIR desktop apps at a later stage for offline use and they will sync when you will go online.