Backup Your Copy Protected DVDs with DVDShrink

Often DVDs are protected with copy protection to prevent users from “copying”. I don’t know how this will protect the DVD content but it pisses off me because i can’t have of the DVD i purchased. DVDShrink is a freeware that helps you to take backup of your DVD discs. You have to use DVDShrink in conjection with DVD burning software like Nero, if you don’t have Nero don’t be panic it also works with other free DVD burning software. You simply save the output of DVDShrink as a file in your hard drive and then use your favorite software to burn it to a disc.

DVDShrink decrypts the encryption methods used in copy protected discs so that you can copy it to another disc. It can also be used to shrink or compress the data from your original DVD.

You can find DVDShrink software from here along with a user guide. Also checkout DVD43