Beats Audio and Sony Xloud enhancement for ALL Android ROMS

The Android OS is known for several of its features, however, the Audio Quality is not its strongest point. Apple’s iPod and iPhone have an incredible sound quality once you connect your headphones. Android, on the other hand, provides a decent sound quality. It is not that loud nor clear. There are some Android phones which come with audio enhancing features such as the HTC Sensation XE and XL. The beats Audio enhancement improves the audio quality and gives out better bass and treble.

The good news for rooted phones is that they can install the Beats Audio enhancement on their Android phones using CWM. You can download the zip file from this link. Once you download it, you need to flash it  through CWM recovery. This enhancement will not show a pop up of Beats Audio when you connect the headphones but it does improve the audio significantly. The latest zip file has been tested on several devices and should work on most Android phones. Once again, this will not make your headphones blow out but it will make the audio crisp and will give out thicker bass.

Audiophiles are into better quality sound, however, there are others who just want a louder sound. Sony came out with the Xloud enhancement for its Android smartphones and this feature doesn’t improve the sound quality but increases it. If you want a louder sound, then you should try the Xloud enhancement. You can download the zip file from this link. Once download, you can flash it using CWM recovery. You will not see the Xloud option in the settings menu like Sony phones, however, you will be able to tell the different in the loudness of the audio.

Using both these enhancements on one phone might not give you the best results, however, you can get the features of both these enhancements using this link. This is the Beats+Xloud enhancement and you can try this if you want loud and crisp audio. However, this might not work on all Android devices. Whichever file you want to use, you should make a nandroid backup before flashing, in case anything goes wrong.