Bing Maps and Nokia announce a Unified Map Design

Last Year Microsoft and Nokia entered in to a strategic partnership for Windows Phones, that partnership is not limited to Windows Phones, we are seeing the results of this partnership now in Bing Maps. Bing Maps and Nokia worked closely to give an unified experience for users across Bing maps and Nokia maps.

Bing Team notes on a blog post that Bing maps designers teamed closely with Nokia maps and Windows phone team “to unify map elements, improve contrast and usability to ultimately create a more beautiful and functional map.” The updated map design is available on both desktop and mobile versions of both Bing and Nokia maps.

The map design has been concentrated on these parameters, Common color palette for road map style, Celebrate Typography (various typography components have been improved to give clarity on maps), using Visual Hierarchy to create Focus and maintain context.

In addition to map design updates Bing team says they have added significant amount of mapping coverage, due to this change some countries map data is significantly improved including, Egypt, Israel, Malta, Philippines, Uruguay and Venezuela. This mapping coverage improvements are due to the partnerships with Nokia and NavTeq.

Source: Bing Maps