Quick and Easy Ways to Block Time-Wasting Websites on Your Computer

If some of your favorite sites are killing your productivity and sucking the life out of your working day, following are some quick and easy ways to block those interesting but time wasting websites on your computer. Help yourself!


LeechBlock is a Mozilla Firefox productivity extension that enables you to quickly block time wasting websites. You just need to specify which websites to block and when to block them.

LeechBlock allows you to block upto 6 sets of websites. You can block sites within fixed time periods or after a time limit. LeechBlock also provides you with an option to set a password for access to the extension options.

Invisibility Cloak

This script runs only on Mozilla Firefox and requires Greasemonkey extension. You can add and remove sites to be blocked from the Firefox tools menu.


BlockSite is another Firefox extension which blocks websites of your choice. Interestingly, this add-on will disable all hyperlinks to these websites as well. Instead of the hyperlink, the link text without the click functionality is displayed.

BlockSite also enables you to block a whole ranges of websites by using the wildcard symbol (*). For instance, by using “http://*.microsoft.*” and “http://microsoft.*” most of Microsoft websites can be blocked. The wildcard symbol (*) indicates that there may be zero or more random characters at that place. This a convenient way to block a range of sites in short time.


StayFocused is highly configurable Google Chrome extension that allows you to block or allow entire sites, specific subdomains, specific paths, or even specific pages.

StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time per day that you can spend browsing time-wasting websites.


Without having to register or install any software, control your web time quite easily with MinutesPlease. Just specify time limits for websites and control the time you spend of addictive websites. It’s simple to setup and saves you a lot of time.


KeepMeOut is another website which helps you cut down the time spent on addictive websites. With KeepMeOut web service, you can just specify a URL and receive warnings if you are visiting that site within the specified time period.