Cloud System Booster to Clean, Repair, Optimize your PC [Giveaway]

Cloud System Booster is a Windows program that allows users clean, repair, and optimize system performance with one click functions. There are several tools for doing these tasks, this program combines all of them under one program, users without technical knowledge can also make use of the program.

After installing the  Cloud System Booster, you will notice that the program has a clean and simple interface. It allows users to click a button to clean, repair and optimize your PC. Click the “Boost” button to do the one click optimization on your PC. Expert users can click the “Expert” button to see what exactly the program is doing. In this mode you can change the optimization tweaks to remove or include tasks you want to perform on your PC. For example by default it clean Registry, you might want to change that and include Browser Cookies cleaning instead.


The clean function removes temp files, cache files etc., generated by the system to free up disk space. It includes browser cookies, registry cleaner, system files like log files, dump files etc. It supports several browsers including the popular ones like Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera and Safari.


This optimizes system settings including system services, startup speed, network settings and privacy settings. You can select to optimize memory also from expert mode.


Repairs common file extensions and registry errors by default. You can select to restore default system services settings by manually choosing the items you want.


This will remove the unnecessary files created by the system programs including browsers, Office apps, security suite, networking software, IM clients, multimedia software etc.

When you start the program it will ask you to create a restore point for your system, do that for security. if you have messed up while cleaning you can always go back to the previous state. You can also revert the changes made by Cloud System Booster to your system from the settings page.

Cloud System booster is available as a free program and as a Pro version. The free program is limited in functionality. The pro version of the program gets frequent automatic updates from the cloud database. Includes a scheduler to automate the cleaning process when your system is idle or at a specified time every day.


Anvisoft, developers of Cloud System Booster are offering free licenses to the Pro version of the program to our readers. We have 10 free licenses with us, to win a license all you have to do is comment and say why you want the license. We will randomly select entries and send out the licenses to winners. The giveaway will end on Friday, 7th Sep 2012.

Update: Licenses sent to commenters.


  1. James Thornton says

    I want the license because lately my computer has been running really slow. I think it is due to background running tasks. The Cloud System Booster will definitely help speed up and clean my computer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. apoorv gupta says

    It looks like a very usefull software for my laptop’s windows..
    I would definately like to try it..
    also i have heard very much about this software and also used it before, its trail version..