Convert PDF files to Word Documents Online

Usually people wants to convert from other file formats to PDF but sometimes you need to convert PDF file to word file. Convert Pdf to Word is a useful web application for converting pdf files to word documents online.

Convert PDF to Word

Using convert pdf to word is straightforward, select the file you want to convert to word and upload it to the site. After that it will convert the file and asks you to download the output as word file. The converted file is almost like PDF file, there is no format lose, it just looks exactly like a PDF file with all the figures intact.

This is quick way to convert PDF files to word. If you need to convert from PDF to other formats use Zamzar


  1. […] Download the software from here and install it. Open and select a PDF file to convert, select the output folder and hit start convert. It preserves the layout, text and images while converting to Word documents. Be aware that PDFs with lot of images will result in pretty big Word files. (Check out Online Converter for PDF to Word) […]