Cuil: New Search Engine Launched Today

Today’s blogosphere buzz is about a new search engine in the town called “Cuil” (Pronounced as “Cool”). Everyone jumped on the new kid and draw conclusions that it is bad, worse and not relevant. Yes i tried a few queries the results are not impressive but hey it is just one day old, give it some time it will be improved.

What makes this startup interesting is the founders are ex-googlers and the search indexing is cheaper than Google, but that may impress VCs not users anyway.

Cuil interface is little different from the rest, it has a dark background and shows search results in 3 column layout, although the layout is good it will take some time for us to get used to it. The search results will contain categories using which you can refine your search, these results are more relevant than the actual results you will get in the first attempt. Results are not that impressive, images are completely random and useless at the moment.

Give it a try and see how the you get the results, don’t expect Google search results there. I am sure in the next few months it will be improved, we definitely need some competition to Google search.

Cuil Search Engine


  1. says

    Well it is quite true that everyone jumped to conclusions and gave cuil a thumbs down, but just for your information Cuil is not 1 day old and has been in the making for last 2 years with intensive testing.

    And to top that their claims have been too huge too fathom.

  2. says

    When i said 1 day old, i mean live version. Sure they are in stealth mode for 2 eyars but they never opened to users and they don’t know the feedback to refine it based on user feedback.
    Regarding claims yes i agree with you, they hyped it themselves.

    @Prof Kienstra
    Well if it is really learning from past searches then it is a good thing.

  3. Prof Kienstra says

    I found also that it got less search results than Google, but what i noticed was that on the first search for a certain subject it found nothing. When i repeated that search an hour or so later, it got some results… So it may be learning or using search requests to crawl for further information?