Download Google Chrome for Mac and Linux

Chromium for Linux

If you are a Mac or Linux user and wants to try Google Chrome, you can try now. There is no official version of Google Chrome browser for Mac and Linux yet. The folks at Codeweavers released an unofficial Google Chrome version for both Mac and Linux.

This is a port of the Chromium browser code. It is called CrossOver Chromium and it is available as a native application for both Mac and Linux. The packages are available as .dmg for Mac, .deb packages for Ubuntu and Debian, .rpm for Redhat, Mandriva and Suse Linux.

The developers says you shouldn’t use this as a main browser, because it is just a fun project. “This is just a proof of concept, for fun, and to showcase what Wine can do. Chromium itself is just beginning. As the Chromium project progresses, they will be providing more compelling support for Mac OS and Linux, particularly with process security and memory management. Those future versions from Chromium will be better suited for daily use than this version.” Also see Portable Google Chrome

Google Chrome Browser