Easily Create Online Presentations with Wink

Wink is a great tool for building online presentations to demonstrate your software applications or build a screencast of an application.

You can create presentations or screencasts with Wink in just minutes, you can record mouse movements or take screenshots of your application and save them as flash files.

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How it works:

Download the wink software, install and run it. Create a new project in wink and define the parameters like screen size, window etc, you can capture all your screen or define an area on your computer screen and hit enter. You can minimize the wink window and start doing your work, when you want to take a screenshot you can do this from the wink button on the system tray. You can also set a timed capture, in this time what ever you do on the screen is recorded as screenshots.

Image: Setting the screen size in wink

Once you finished capturing open the application and build a screencast or make it interactive by inserting audio, images, text boxes, frames etc. You can record audio with the mic phone or upload a mp3 to be used as a source.

After finishing the editing save the file as Flash presentation (.swf file) or as Windows executable (.exe file) and share it with your clients or friends. You can also export it as PDF, HTML or Post Script format.

It will generate a html file when you save it as a swf file, It is handy if you don’t know how to embed these files on your web pages.

Wink is a handy application for creating presentations and all of the above its a free tool.

Download Wink, Wink Home Page [Thanks SkatterBox]