Facebook launches Camera app for iPhone with Instagram like filters

Facebook launched a Camera app for iPhone, that allows users to take photos, apply filters to the taken shots and batch upload them to Facebook to share with friends. It is rather surprise move from Facebook, as it recently acquired Instagram for $1 billion. Instagram also provides similar filters to what Facebook released today.

The Facebook Camera app was developed by the Facebook photo team. The app will allow users to see their Facebook friends photos feed in an elegant way. Users can take photos, edit, crop, rotate and apply filters, the Instagram way. All this actions can be done using phone camera and other apps, but Facebook Camera app makes it easy to upload several photos to Facebook in a batch mode and quickly.

To upload multiple photos at once, just tap the check mark on the photos from the camera roll and select which ones you want to upload. You can add captions and tag friend in the process.

There is no news of Android Facebook Camera app now, but we may expect it in the near future. Mobile is very important for Facebook as more and more Facebook users are using mobile devices to access the site and Facebook can’t ignore the Android platform.

The Camera app is available from the Appstore, download from here.

Source: Facebook