Facebook updating news feed to show bigger photos

Facebook is making a redesign of the news feed to make photos appear larger and better. Facebook introduced a redesigned mobile interface recently that included bigger photos using the complete screen estate and also showing more photos from an album.

Facebook is unifying the news feed redesign of mobile and web by bringing the changes it introduced recently to web interface. After the acquisition of Instagram Facebook is continuously improving the photo feed. It introduced a camera app recently and Facebook wants to show those photos elegantly in the new redesigned feed.

Facebook Photos Feed Redesign

Photos in the news feed will now show 2x larger than they used to be and also brings more photos in to the feed from an album. Other changes include text in news feed will also become larger and wider spaced according to TechCrunch. The news feed changes are rolling out slowly, and will be available for everyone in the coming weeks. Facebook is also redesigning the timeline, it has not yet been available to everyone though.