Firefox 12 Released, Download Now

Mozilla Firefox 12 is now available from Mozilla, it is not yet officially announced though. The announcement is about to come in the coming days, it you want to try the new Firefox and see what it offers you can download right away.

Firefox is on speedy release schedule these days, Firefox 11 released last month with useful features including CSS style editor and add-on- sync and Chrome migration. Unlike Firefox 11 there are not many big improvements and notable changes in Firefox 12 but you are encouraged to download the latest version.

For Windows users there is one less prompt while updating the Firefox to the latest version. For Mac users a bug effecting the WebGL performance on some hardware is fixed. Download URLs that are pasted into download managers now immediately start downloading.

If you are curious to know what other changes in this version of Firefox, here are the details:

  • Page Source now has line numbers
  • Line breaks are now supported in the title attribute
  • Improvements to “Find in Page” to center search result
  • The column-fill CSS property has been implemented
  • Support for the text-align-last CSS property has been added
  • Experimental support for ECMAScript 6 Map and Set objects has been implemented

If you are still struck with Windows 2000, Windows XP RTM or XP SP1, then Firefox 12 is the last version that supports these OS. Windows XP SP2 and up will receive the next iteration of the browser, Firefox 13.

Download Firefox 12 for Windows, Mac, Linux