Font Changer – Change FULL Fonts on your Android Phone (Rooted Only)

Most users love Android because of the open source and the way you can customize your phone using wallpapers, themes and modding almost everything within the phone. However, changing font has not been the strong point and not many people paid attention to changing fonts on their Android phones. Some users don’t really care about the fonts while others care about even the tiniest of things.

Font Changer is an app for android which lets you change the fonts on your Android phone. It doesn’t change parts of the font in the phone but totally changes everything that appears in text on the phone to the desired font with the exception for some apps which use their pre-loaded fonts. The app previously came out as a paid app, however, there is now a free version available which offers all the same features as the paid version.

In order to install the Font Changer app, you need to have a rooted phone along with the latest version of busybox. You can download the paid version of the app using Google Play Store or you can you can download this apk file, which supports ads. With most apps, you need to use the options which the app offers, however, Font Changer lets you use your own Font files. You can get any TTF font file from the internet and the Font Changer app will apply it for you.

You can use this site in order to download TTF font files. Once downloaded, you need to place the font file in the /.fontcharger folder in your SD card. The application makes a backup of the phone’s stock font, however, you should create a Nandroid backup in case anything goes wrong.

Apart from just changing basic fonts, you can also change the density, which is basically related to the spread of pixels on the screen. The current version offers basic features but you can still preview the fonts before applying them. Settings different themes and shaking for font changing are features which will be included in the upcoming version of the app.