Get Windows Vista Look For Windows XP

You like the vista style but may not like to upgrade to Windows Vista in near future then VistaMizer is for you.

With Vistamizer you can get the look of Vista for Windows XP, MCE or 2003. This program will modify around 380 files of windows including icons, pictures to give a vista style look. While installing you can select the files to modify and files not to modify. You can always roll back to your previous look by uninstalling the application.

vista look

It does not change the translation files of the system, so whatever language windows you have that will remain. Vistamizer if free to download.

VistaMizer, Download, Via gHacks

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  1. says

    @Ram & @Corical,

    Thanks for sharing. My trusty laptop is on XP and I have always been itching to give it a Vista look. At work, I just started using Vista Business (but without Aero). Nothing that’s “earth-shattering” with Vista to make me want to give the XP a new look. But definitely good to know there is something available.

  2. Diogo says

    It look’s good. It did just what I want. But it also changed the language to Arabic in some of the apps in the control panel. Only 3 or 4 but it changed.
    And during instalation you don’t have the option to choose the language, cause it was never meant to change the language.

    But it looks nice anyway

  3. yman says

    I instaled VistaMizer and i think it’s working very well. The application examines which files are updated and re-modify only these. This means a very fast re-modification and it is always the current data in the Backup. I get it from here: