Gmail Backup Software

Gmail Backup is a freeware that allows you to backup and restore your Gmail email account. It backups all the emails in your account along with the attachments and also preserves the labels.

Download the application and install it, you just need to enter your gmail username and password for it to recover all the emails. You need to enable IMAP access in your gmail account to backup emails using Gmail Backup. To do so, go to settings > Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable IMAP access. After entering the username and password specify the directory to store the backed up emails. Then click backup.

Gmail Backup

Optionally one can use date range for taking backup. It stores all the emails in .eml files, so you can access these emails using other programs like MS Outlook Express and Mozilla Thunderbird. You can also restore the gmail emails to another account or the same account using the recover function of gmail backup. This works with Google Apps domains also, so if you want to migrate all your regular gmail account to Google Apps domain this is a good tool to do that.

This is a useful tool to backup Gmail regularly to avoid any unexpected surprises. Gmail backup is a freeware for Windows, Linux. Windows version has a GUI but Linux (also works with Mac) version is command-line only.

Download Gmail Backup, [Via Lifehacker]


  1. says

    @prof kienstra
    Yep i remember that story published on Codinghorror. As far as i know it doesn’t, it does contacts the home to check for newer versions.

  2. prof kienstra says

    Sometime ago there were stories about a Gmail backup program that sent all passwords to a seperate gmail account. Are we sure this one doesn’t?

  3. jim walker says

    Beware, This program was written by a hacker ans absolutely does steal your GMail password! I have tested this out. Just do a quick search. And note the FL attorney Generals Office is currently prosecuting the author “John Terry” and/or “Mate Media” under the US Computer Crime Act. Good luck to the author since these laws will put you in jail for unauthorized access to data.

  4. says

    What you are talking about is g-archiver program, these two are different programs, you can see the developers on the gmail backup site, John terry is not related to this program. Yes these programs have to used carefully.


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