Holo Locker and Holo Launcher for Android 2.2+

Android launchers are basically the user interface which goes on top of stock Android. HTC Sense, MotoBlur, Timescape and Touchwiz are all launchers which work on top of vanilla Android in order to give out a better user experience. There are several customizable launchers available in the Google Play store including ADW Launcher and Launcher Pro.

Holo Launcher is a new Android launcher which is based on Ice Cream Sandwich. It is amazingly smooth and is highly customizable. Launchers including Nova launcher only work on ICS ROMs, however, Holo launcher works on android versions 2.2+.  Therefore, if you want that ICS feel without updating or installing an ICS ROM on your phone, then this launcher is the perfect option.

The best feature about this particular launcher is that it is fully based on ICS, which means all icons, folders, app drawer and basically everything looks like ICS. The launcher also offers up to 9 different customizable homescreens.  The launcher also offers a scrolling dock which many users liked on the ADW Launcher. You get up to 7 icons in the dock and up to 3 dock pages. The launcher also supports on screen gestures for launching apps directly from the homescreen.

The backup and restore feature is probably the best feature of the launcher. You can save your launcher settings and can restore them back. Keeping the launcher in memory, changing what the home button does and hiding applications from the drawer are among some of the additional features that the launcher offers.

You can download Holo Launcher from the Play Store as it has left XDA’s beta stages and is now available on the Google Play Store. You can also download the stable APK file from this link.

Holo Launcher is also available in the HD version. This is based on Android Jelly Bean and will only work on ICS and JB devices.

The HD version has all the features of Jelly Bean along with all the customizable features of the normal version of the launcher. You can download Holo Launcher HD from the Google Play Store.

For users who don’t want to change their launcher and want stock Jelly Bean lock screen, you can use Holo Locker for Android 2.2+. This is not a launcher but is the stock Jelly Bean Lock screen.