Internet Explorer 8 Enters Private Beta

internet explorer 8Microsoft sent our invitation letters to beta testers to participate in Inter explorer 8 beta 1. Other than the invitation there are not many details about IE8, this will be released soon to the general public.

According to ZDNet, Microsoft will show off IE 8 at Microsoft’s Mix 08 conference in early March in Las Vegas, we may assume this may be the launch for the public beta. IE 8 is supposed to be more standards compliant, that is what they said when they announced that IE 8 internal build passed the Acid 2 test.


  1. Jonathon says

    Good info Ram. Are you, or do you know anyone who is, going to be a IE8 beta tester? If so please keep us informed, I would like to see how IE8 will compare to FireFox 3. Thanks