Jelly Bean Music Player for Android 2.2 plus (Patched for all countries)

The Google Music Player, right after its release, got a lot of popularity due to its interface and features. It is still one of the best music players available for Android. The best thing about the app has been that Google has constantly updated the player and it is currently updated for the Android Jelly Bean. The interface is better than ever and you can access your entire music library using the app.

The Jelly Bean Music player has some pretty decent features and one of the major strengths is to search and buy songs directly from Google Play. Apart from that, you can also store around 20,000 songs from your own music library on Google Play. This way, you can easily enjoy your music on any Android device online. You can also save songs from your music library online for offline playback on your Android device. The new updated player makes it easy for users to get access to their music library on their android phone or on the internet without the need to sync. You can also share full songs with your friends on Google Plus.

The Jelly Bean Google Music app is only one of its kind, however, it is only available to U.S citizens. When you open the Play Store and go to the app, it won’t install on your device unless you are from the United States. If you go to the market link for the app, you will see “Available in the U.S. only” in description.

However, you can get the app working on any Android device and in any country using the app from this link.

The apk file is patched and can be installed on any Android phone running version 2.2 or greater. In order to install the app, you need to remove any previous version of Google music. Then, you need to clear cache and dalvik cache using CWM recovery. You can wipe dalvik cache by going to the advanced option in recovery. One you are done, you can install the app using any file manager. If the app does not install, you need to place the apk file in the system/app folder of your phone and restart the device.


  1. Yasir says

    Yes it is available but it didn’t work on my desire z.and this one takes a longer procedure of installing. either you can use the google music manager on your pc or modded market 3.3.11 to install it. this is just a patched apk file which you can directly install. :)