Lenovo 5-inch tablet images leaked

According to Engadget Lenovo may be working on a 5-inch tablet, an anonymous tipster sent pics of the supposed tablet to Engadget. Not much information is available now, except few leaked images, basic specs, and it will run on android.

The source informed Engadget that it will run on a dual-core processor and will be launched under the Lepad brand in China. The mini tablet will be launched under IdeaTab to differentiate from the IdeaPad range of notebooks. The tablet features a front facing camera, Micro USB port HDMI output and capacitive buttons.

It is not clear which Android version it will run on, and there is no information on whether this will have the voice call ability. With the 5-inch display which is slightly higher than Galaxy nexus 4.65 inch display it is hard to sell if it doesn’t come with voice call ability. Will it attract customers or not is uncertain with such a small display for a tablet.

Source: Engadget