Nanocrowd Suggests You Movies to Watch Next

So you have just finished watching a movie and you are puzzled over what to watch next. You can call your friends and listen to their recommendations, ask your twitter buddies, put the question on facebook or use Nanocrowd.

We will choose Nanocrowd. Nanocrowd is a relatively new movie recommendation engine which suggests you movies based on what you have already watched. All you have to do is give in a name of a movie you like and the database, which is expanded daily, throws up a list of six nanogenres. A nanogenre is a group of 3 words that represent the movie and are generated by the analysis of the review of that movie.


As you can see above, when I searched for Iron Man, a list of six nanogenres was displayed. I selected the special effects, superhero, action packed nanogenre and was given a listing of related movies. It gave me recommendations ranging from the X-Men series to the Spider Man flicks. On the right, you also get links for buying the movie on Amazon and a movie summary, fetched from Amazon as well.

With the listing, the year of release, crowd rating and the parental guidance film rating are also given. If you are planning to see the movie sometime in the future, you can add it in the “2C list”, which you can build when you sign up.

When you search for suggestions, you are not only given the list of related movies but also movies that are dissimilar to it. Nanocrowd kept me glued for quite sometime as clicking a movie name takes you to another list of nanogenres which leads to another list and so on. Nanocrowd is a new site and is being developed actively.

Nanocrowd is a great new movie search engine that movie fans all around the world will find fun to use as well as aiding to find movies for their own taste and liking.