NewTabFeeder pimps Chrome start page with Instagram and News feed

Chrome start page gives access to the popular sites you visited as tails and gives access to recently closed tabs, but that’s about it. If you are bored with the start page want something more, then have a look at NewTabFeeder Chrome Exntension.

With NewTabFeeder you can change the whole start page experience by adding Instagram awesomeness and your favorite news feeds. It modifies your Chrome start page and adds Home, Apps, Closed tabs to the start page. On the home tab you can access your speed dial sites, these can be customized to show just logos or screenshots like default Chrome behavior. Speed Dial sites can be customized with your favorite sites. On the bottom of the home tab you will see continuously scrolling news feed.

News tab continuously refreshes your news feed to save time, instead of visiting sites you can just add important sites here and they will be updated continuously. You can visit the news tab in-between your browsing session to skim through the daily news feed.

News Feeds can be added from the settings button on top right corner of the start page. Go to news on settings page and select sources from the predefined categories, country wise listed. What is missing here is the ability to add your own Feeds to the list, that will make this app much more useful.

From the apps tab you can access Chrome apps you installed, and closed tabs will give you access to the recently closed tabs.

The background of the start page can be setup to show Instagram photos, you have the option to show most popular Instagram photos, or some popular tags, you could also show photos from your own Instagram account. Click on settings button on far top right corner of start page, and then go to appearance to change the background options.

Overall NewTabFeeder is a good alternative to the default Chrome start page.

Download NewTabFeeder for Chrome