PDF Download 2.0 Firefox Add-on

PDF Download 2.0 is a Firefox add-on that allows you to control opening pdf files in Firefox and Flock browsers. It also allows you to convert any webpage to pdf in a click, the conversion to pdf os fast and you will get the pdf file immediately. Best of all it won’t freeze your browser.

PDF download has several options to manage PDF viewing in browser. You can set up what to do when you encounter a pdf file while browsing, you can open it, or download the file or open it as html document or skip it. When you install the extension it adds a context menu link with which you can create PDF from any webpage, just right click your mouse and select “Save Webpage as PDF”.

If you are using Adobe reader you know how much time it takes before opening the file, with this add-on you can better manage pdf files in your browser.

Download PDF Download 2.0 Firefox Extension.

PDF Download 2.0