PPSSPP – The First PSP Emulator for Android

PSP or PlayStation Portable has been one of the most selling portable gaming consoles in the market and for several years, it has been the leader in portable gaming. Even though its been nearly 10 years since the PSP came out, it is still a decent portable gaming console with thousands of gaming titles. We have seen several game emulators on the Android OS, however, these are relatively older consoles with older gaming titles.  PPSSPP is the newest gaming emulator for the Android OS and it lets you place various PSP gaming titles. No one expected a PSP emulator for the Android OS as PSP is still a really powerful device but the emulator has been released and is available for download. Even though its still in the beta stages with a support for very few games, PPSSPP is a must have for PlayStation fans who want to experience classic PSP games on their Android phones and tablets.

As stated earlier, the PSP emulator is still in the beta stages and it supports very few games, however, the games support will increase over time as developers are trying to make PPSSPP a perfect working PSP emulator for Android. Sadly, Puzzle Bobble Deluxe is the only one game which works fully with the emulator without any bugs.

Other games which run but are buggy include Moto GP, Loco Roco 2, Ridge Racer, BomberMan, WipeOut Pure and Pinball dreams. Yes, some users might want to play Need for Speed, FIFA or Tekken on the emulator, however, these heavy games will not run at the moment. The support will come very soon for heavy games and for the time being, you can enjoy the games which are working. A full list of working games is available here.

You can try out any game you like and it might work for you depending on the device. Also, lightweight homebrew games can also be run using the emulator as it supports .ISO and .CSO PSP games. You can download the emulator app using this link.