Sync Flickr Photos with Local Folders

FlickrSync is a free open source app that allows you to sync Flickr photos with local folders on your computer. It displays Flickr photos along with local folders, you can set the rules for synchronizing photos between them.

FlickrSync does only one way synchronization, from your local folder to Flickr, when you add photos do some changes they will be synced to Flickr. When you delete it can delete the photo in Flickr, but you can override this in the configuration.


  • Browse local folders and flickr sets and match your local folders to the corresponding flickr sets.
  • Create new Sets when uploading new folders.
  • Define flickr permissions for each folder and other synchronization options
  • Preview all operations (including photo thumbnails) before applying them to flickr.
  • Synchronize specific folders or all selected folders
  • Synchronize all image information, including metadata like title and description, keywords/tags and even geo information.
  • Use different synchronization methods according to your needs (ex: by date taken, by caption, by filename).
  • Define optional filters for each folder. For example: only synchronize to flickr images that have a certain keyword/tag, or a minimal star rating on a specific folder.
  • Support for all flickr image formats
  • Supported under Windows XP SP2 (or higher) and Windows Vista
  • Run unattended after initial configuration for automatic synchronization

FlickrSync is free download for Windows XP SP2 or higher, requires .Net 3.0 to function.

Download FlickrSync, Via Killertechtips