Synchronize Outlook Email, Calendar, Contacts With Gmail


MailShadowG is an application that will allow you to sync Outlook with Gmail. MailShadowG is a product of Cemaphore Systems, a California based company, promising to eliminate the exchange server related costs and sync web based email products like Gmail with Outlook.

MailshadowG released today as a beta service for companies. The best part of the service as it claims, syncing email, calendars, and contacts between outlook and gmail. The syncing is done two way, from outlook to gmail and gmail to outlook.

With MailShadowG, you can synchronize Microsoft Outlook with a trusted Internet email provider like Google, by mapping the repository that exists in Exchange (for email, calendaring and contacts) to these backend systems.

By using a Google as your data repository, you can eliminate the need for expensive infrastructure, hardware, & co-location facilities.

What’s more, MailShadowG can enable any external email service providers to act as a Microsoft Exchange server. No other solution on the market can effectively connect a backend email service provider directly to the enterprise and maintain a bi-directional synchronization of your email, contacts and calendars.

If the service is useful and promising as advertised i am sure it is going to attract lot of Google Apps Small Business users.

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