T-Mobile G1: Android Powered HTC Dream Phone Comes With Google Apps

T Mobile G1

Much anticipated Google Phone aka HTC Dream running Android launched today. T-Mobile G1 is the first phone powered by Android mobile OS with touch based interface.

It is available in US starting from next month by T-Mobile for $179 with a two-year contract.

Google Apps like Gmail, Maps, Youtube Videos, Search and others come with Android, a single sing-on will allow you to access all the Google Apps from your mobile phone. Not only that when you save information to your Google Apps they will be immediately synced to the web version, your emails, contacts, calendar entries and IM chats all will be synced.

An application from Amazon comes with the phone through which users can purchase MP3s from Amazon store. All the music is DRM free and just a mouse click away for the G1 phone users. Android will come with a media player that allows to play the music. Chrome light, a webkit based browser is included with the G1 for web browsing.


Touch Screen: Instant access to key information with the touch of a finger, tap the screen and go.
QWERTY Keyboard
Real Web browsing capabilities: Quick and easy access to the Internet one click away. View more pages and rich Web content on your phone
3MP Camera
Customizable home screen
Easy Access to Google Applications
Music Player
One-click Google Search
Video Playback
3G Network and Wi-Fi Access
Android Market

Visit the official site, Google blog


  1. Bill says

    Hate to part with my T-Mobil Dash … but it only syncs with Outlook – and I no longer have Windows on my laptop.

    G’bye Dash, hello Android!