Customize Adsense Font


Adsense ad units can now be customized by changing the font from the default to Arial, Verdana and Times. Although the choice is limited to only 3 fonts it is still useful for users for matching the ad unit font to their web application font. ... Read More →

Google Ad Manager is Open For All

Google introduced Admanager back in March but it is invite only at that time. Today Google released Admanager for public, any one with an Adsense account can use Admanager for serving ad inventory. If you are wondering what is Google Admanager, it is a hosted ad serving and management solution for ... Read More →

Technoratimedia: Ad Network from Technorati

The first blog search engine Technorati launched an ad network today for blog and social media publishers called Technorati Media. There are many ad networks already and Technorati wants to join the party. Six Apart also launched an ad network recently if you remember. It is always good for ... Read More →

Adsense for RSS feeds goes live

Feedburner blog has posted about the launch of Adsense for feeds this week, i don't see them in lot number of blogs except TUAW feed. As they said they may launch it incrementally for all publishers. If you are a feedburner Ad network publisher sitback and relax the ads will roll out some time ... Read More →

Six Apart Launches an Ad Network and Services for Bloggers

Six Apart, the company behind Typepad and Movable Type launched a new ad network that will help bloggers. The new ad network will serve advertising for "Influential Bloggers" and "social media" sites. The advertising program is not limited to Six Apart bloggers but any one can take part in this. The ... Read More →

Adsense rolls out simple ad management

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Tired of updating the Adsense code everytime you make small changes, now you can update the code from Adsense site itself. Google finally released the Manage Ads feature for Adsense, now you just modify the code in Adsense and the changes will take place in your site ads. This feature won't work ... Read More →

Adsense custom channels broken

Yesterday and today i observed a strange thing in my adsense account, page impressions and clicks are tracked but these are not showing in custom channels. I have setup custom channels to track my ad spots, usually each channel will display the page impressions and clicks but now it's broken, ... Read More →

Google Adsense For Mobile Websites

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Google Adsense is now available for Mobile websites, today when i logged in to my adsnese account i noticed a link to . You need to have a mobile website in order to use this adsense feature. "AdSense for Mobile will be available in the following countries: US, England, France, Italy, Germany, ... Read More →

Google Adsense shows Related Words

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Google is testing new Adsense units with Related words showing at the bottom of the ad units. When i first saw it i thought someone hacked my site and added some links, because one of the link is Adult Blog. Later confirmed from here Apart from Related words Adsense units are also ... Read More →