Use Twitter in Gmail with TwitterGadget

TwitterGadget is a new gadget for Gmail that allows users to update, read tweets from Gmail. Twitter gadget is good if you don’t want to install any of the twitter client. Twitter Gadget is the simplest form of a twitter app, using it you can see your tweets, replies, direct messages, favorites and all twitter activity.

Twitter Gadget for GmailYou can add the gadget by entering this url ( in gadgets tab, first you need to enable gadgets in Labs settings. You have to login to twitter through this gadget to use it. It will refresh every 3 min and more or select manual refresh as per your needs.

Although it is simple to use doesn’t require any installation, it is rather small in Gmail sidebar and tweets look tiny and difficult to read. It supports icons so you can post cool icons with your tweets. It doesn’t have any url shortener for shortening links. If you are looking for more advanced client for twitter give tweetdeck or twhirl a try.