Web Services to Get The Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags

One of the interesting features on Twitter is #hashtags. Hashtags are used to identify conversations and tweets based on a topic. For instance, a hashtag #Google on Twitter which return all the latest tweets which contained the hashtag #Google. Hashtags were developed as a means to create ‘groupings’ on Twitter, without having to change the basic functionality of the service.  If you would like to probe further on the usage of hashtags, you might want read an introduction to Twitter hashtags.

Following are some of the web services which enable you to get more information about hashtags, like related hashtags, categorized hsahtags, latest trends, hot topics etc., These services form a source to get the most out of Twitter hashtags and make the best use of them.

What the Trend?

WhattheTrend enables you know what are the trending topics on Twitter and why are they trending. For each trend, it gives a quick explanation of why a specific topic is trending. You can also see the latest tweets, Flickr photos and related news stories. Why a topic is trending is decided by the community. Visitors can edit the ‘blurbs’ and share their views on why a topic is trending on Twitter.


What the Hashtag?

It’s a user-editable encyclopedia for hashtags found on Twitter. It keeps track of trending hashtags on Twitter. It provides you tools to define hashtags, create context and add resources. It enables you to search for a hashtag and find more information about it. It provides you with definitions, resources, usage statistics etc., What the Hashtag also features the most active hashtags. And, a significant point worth mentioning is, it categorizes the hashtags.



Twubs is a web service which makes Twitter groups built around content aggregated from #hashtags. You can enter a #hashtag and search for your favorite topics on Twitter.

It features popular twubs(Twitter groups), twubs related to conferences around the world. It also groups the twubs into categories. It provides you with tools like,

  • Live Tweet Feed: It grabs in all external images, videos and related links.
  • Tweetups and Events Scheduler: Allows users to schedule meetings, track attendance, and includes Google Map integration.


If Twitter #hashtags did intrigue you, then you might want to check out other related mashups like twitterfall, monitter etc., You can read more about hashtags on Twitter.