Windows 8 Release Preview Coming in June

Windows 8 Release Preview will come in the first week of June, Microsoft confirmed at the Windows 8 Developer Days conference in Japan today. Steven Sinofsky, president of Microsoft’s Windows Division, announced on stage at Developer Days conference in japan, Building Windows twitter account confirmed the news along with a photo of Steven on stage.

Microsoft used to call Release Preview as Release Candidate earlier, these are not the final version of the next OS, but these are released before the final version is ready to roll-out to public.

The final release date for Windows 8 has not been announced but it is rumored to launch some time in October.

Microsoft has already released Consumer Preview of Windows 8 in February, so we all know what to expect from Windows 8, before that Microsoft also released Developer preview version aimed at developers.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has got some good reviews, except that some users didn’t like the Metro interface, other than that Windows 8 is good overall. Windows 8 Consumer Preview has seen over twice the usage of Windows 7 beta, Microsoft announced recently.