Yahoo new home page

Yahoo seems to be tweaking its home page a lot, recently it launched a new home page which is only visible to a handful of users and most of the users didn’t like that change. Now Yahoo came up with a new design for it’s home page, this is not yet live all Yahoo users.


Yahoo says the new home page is basically a tweaked version of the previously launched design based on user feedback.

The left side “My Favorites” section which usually contains links to Yahoo sites is now customizable, users can add their favorite web pages to this section apart from Yahoo sites.

Other changes:

    • Lots more apps: We’re testing a growing library of apps that let you get more done without leaving the page. Some of these apps include eBay and MySpace, and content sites like USA Today and NPR. We also have newly developed apps for popular Yahoo! services like Messenger, Movies and Flickr.
    • Social pulse: A new Yahoo! Updates app lets you keep up with your friends’ online activities directly on the homepage – such as a recently Buzzed article or a video uploaded to YouTube.
    • Easier email: We’ve separated your individual email accounts as distinct apps, rather than a combined inbox, so that it’s faster and easier to get to the exact mail you want. This was a request we heard repeatedly during testing.

Other than these changes Yahoo home pages will carry apps localized based on the location, for example Indian users will see Cricket scores on the home page and UK users will see Underground alerts and news BBC, Yahoo blog post reads.

There is no word on when this new home pages will be broadly available, may be it will be months before everyone will see this new home page. These new home page is being tested currently in France, India and UK.


  1. Theresa Davis says

    I was not given a choice about receiving the new homepage. I don’t like it; when I phoned corporate to complain, I was told it was a ‘glitch’ and it should be fixed soon. Blatent lying propelled me to fix the problem myself. I changed homepages. Never, not ever, to return. RIP Yahoo.

  2. myimmortal0111 says

    i dont like this new yahoo homepage. its all jumbled and not as easy to read. i liked my weather tab where it use to be, i liked the new tabs to get entertainment, world news, local news right there none of this jumbled bs it now has going on. ineed to find a new homepage now.

  3. Mary Ann says

    Oh for heaven’s sake…..get over yourselves. I admit the new home page looked different and it took a couple of days to get used to but it wasn’t that complicated to use. It does need an update and I liked to new look. You have my vote.

  4. Bob The Log says

    I don’t like the homepage either, Yahoo should stop wasting time over it. Here’s my homepage (for firefox users only) –

  5. CAP says

    Yep, Yahoo is messing up here. Don’t like the new page at all.

    If I’m a tester, consider this a BAD review.

  6. guitarzan says

    Yeah I agree.
    They just can’t leave the frickin’ things alone, old page worked fine as it is.

    There is too much clutter, and I hate that purple.

  7. RAYBO says

    The new page sucks….I don’t like the fact that we are not given a choice as to which one we want, and that fact that every other time I start I.E, I have the new home page…getting rid of all the cookies seems to be only a temp fix.
    As for Mary Ann’s comments, well I respect the fact that she’s happy with the new homepage, and that’s up to her, but so far she’s the only one on here that is, and she should respect our feelings as well and not come off like were a bunch of whining babies who can’t figure it out….The old page is what we are use to and like, and not giving us a choice or asking about it is just plain rude. I will probably be going to another site.

  8. Les Epstein says

    the new homepage SUCKS … please don’t switch, otherwise I will switch to after all these years …don’t be bullheaded

  9. Joe Blow says

    They’re now saying as of Nov. 11 you will have no choice but to surrender to

    Fuck them. I’m headed to Google. These dumb fuck companies who don’t listen to consumers end up being just another dead, and yahoo is on its way.

  10. Jason says

    My biggest complaint is that there are no loger tabs for “Featured”, “Entertainment”, “Sports”, and “Life”. Now you have to sift through 24 stories to find the 3-4 you might be interested in. Before, you only had to click the “Entertainmant” tab, and there were the entertainment stories… Or the “Sports” tab, and there were the sports stories.

    My biggest beef with Yahoo is how they locked me out of my email til I provided them with my cell phone number. I flat out refused, and have since found 2 backdoors that allow me to sign into yahoo without giving up more of my personal information.

  11. scott alley says

    I don’t like the looks of the new homepage or the pop-up-heavy way it covers articles with what it think you want to see. The layout looks childish and poorly planned, and I don’t want to see all my contacts popping up … its a distraction that I want to choose when to access. On Nov. 11 we’ll probably change our home page to google or another.

    • Claire says

      Where is the email notice on the homepage. That’s the only thing I look for and the weather in the morning. Gives us older people a break, leave things alone. It’s coming into my house and taking things out. NOW! house do I find my email notice that use to look at me in the morning?

  12. Jeff says

    Well..all of the complaining fell on deaf ears. yahoo is like any other big company and they are going to do what they want regardless.

    I don’t hate the new page…except I would love somebody to tell me how to get things from popping up while I move my mouse..seems each thing you scroll over wants to pop up it’s own agenda, and that needs to stop.

  13. says

    I hate new yahoo homepage, everything was perfectly fine the way it was. Now it’s all jumbled up and stuff. Can someone just tell me how to switch back to the old homepage?

  14. betty says

    Hate it! So does my computer! Logged on this morning and the computer had reset itself to google!LOL

  15. David says

    When stupidity knocks YAHOO makes shore to disappoint its users. What the “F” is with you idiots? I used to check all my news etcwithin few minutes, now a dumb ass comes and turns something that was efficient into a piece of dung.

  16. Marnie says

    Hello everyone, migrate over to the Canadian Yahoo, it’s just like the old Yahoo with more Canadian news but works for me.

    • dn32844 says

      Viewers forced YAHOO to change back to the old version. Hopefully they would stop further action by morons who can’t change their own ugly face but frequently insist on changing Yahoo’s.