Yahoo’s Ymail and Rocketmail Email Addresses

Yahoo is offering two free domain names and for registering email addresses. But why you may ask even i don”t know, why the heck any one wants a rocketmail or ymail address when you have address. Ymail although makes sense, it may be an attempt at users. If this is the real strategy behind Ymail then Yahoo is really crazy. Yahoo mail has some nice features and i use it, but Gmail rocks, it has excellent features and simple easy to use navigation and those threaded conversations. Offering Ymail like Gmail doesn’t buy me or any one for that matter.


How to get that email address: First i went to but it is redirecting to page, after a little digging i found that you have to select your email domain when you actually register. Go to and fill the signup page, at step no 2 select ymail or rocketmail. Now you have a email address. Now say a big thanks to Yahoo and go back to Gmail. :) Via Mashable


    • Melody says

      Question? My friend setup my facebook with my new ymail account. I changed my facebook password and now I cant get to my ymail account to get my new facebook password. Please help. WHAT TO DO???????????????????

  1. slaughter says

    Author – Are you a total noob? Yahoo has been around forever and is running out of decent ID’s. If someone goes to signup and can’t get an ID they like, then they might go somewhere else. Same reason there is Hotmail and MSN mail. Google will need new domains in 10 years or less for the same reason. I do think the YMail was a poke at Google though, but think about giving your email over the phone. Is that or

  2. Belinda Euell says

    I can’t seem to get my to be accepted.
    It keeps telling me that this page can’t be found. I would like to know why? Please Help Me.

  3. mELODY says

    My freind set up a new facebook with ymail. I changed my facebook password becuz I couldn’t remember it. Now I am having trouble accessing my ymail account to get my new facebook password. How do I check my mail on Please Help

  4. Rodney Panzeke says

    I couldn’t DISagree more with the statement that GMail is better. There are FAR more tools for searching and sorting with Yahoo’s mail. I use both regularly but Yahoo flat out offers more sorting and searching functions.

  5. Paula Jan says

    I can’t get my ymail account to set up correctly on my cell phone. I keep trying to set it up as HTML so that the format is better on my HTC Amaze but can’t figure it out. Help!