10 Unique WordPress Themes

One of the strong points of WordPress is the availability of number of free themes to be used for your blogs. But sometimes it’s hard to find a theme that is unique or which stands out from the crowd. Here i am going to list 10 unique wordpress themes to pimp your blog.

The themes listed below are in no order of preference.

1. Squible: Preview & Download

Squible is a theme with advanced layout and very different from other themes. Supprots for lot of plugins, unique front page with featured posts, aside, recent comments etc. This theme supports widget


2. Rainbow Feather: Preview, Download

Rainbow Feather is a fluid width two column theme with blue, yelluw, orange, pink colors. This is one of the best theme for users wanting to have a web 2.0 theme, this theme supports widgets.

rainbow feather wordpress theme

3. SubStyle: Preview & Download

SubStyle shows one featured post on the front page and links to other recent posts on the bottom of the page. It has clean and pleasent look. This theme is not widget ready.


4. kiwi: Preview & Download

Kiwi is an advanced theme with lot of templating options, you can do a lot with kiwi installed. It shows one recent post on the front page and links to other posts.


5. NYC Reds: Preview & Download

NYC Reds is a 4 column theme suitable for magazines or news sites.

nyc reds

6. News Print: Preview & Download

News Print is a widgetised 4 column theme. Latest 9 posts are arranged in 3 columns to give a news site look.

news print

7. Foliage Mod: Preview & Download

Foliage mod is a unique theme uses scriptlacious library for javascript functions.

foliage mod

8. Semiologic: Preview & Download

Semiologic is an advanced theme, you can change each and every part of the theme including skins, layouts, fonts, seo etc. Theme comes with 13 premade skins you can semect the one you wish.


9. Neon: Preview & Download

Neon is a colorful theme with a nice background image styling.


10. Musil: Preview & Download

Musil is an advanced theme for wordpress which seperates content as featured posts, normal posts and asides. It can be used to enhance the functionality of wordpress as CMS


Don’t forget to check out my wordpress theme collection which includes 10 beautiful dark wordpress themes and 10 clean and light wordpress themes.


  1. Shankar Ganesh says

    WOW! This post is great 😀 I’ve fallen in love with these themes lol. Thank you very much for sharing.


  2. says

    I liked News Print for its ability to become a magazine style theme with the addition of a little color and some photos.

  3. says

    Cool collection once again !! News print highly matches the idea which was in my mind for my own theme. I think i need to check that :)

  4. says

    Kiwi is very nice theme. My theme is based on K2 customized to my needs.

    News print is a nice choice, but you need to customize a lot.

  5. subcorpus says

    i wud have liked the kiwi one if the bottom half was a little bit darker …
    but i guess it ok as it is as well …

  6. says

    How come I never across this post! I like Squible and News Print the most. Maybe, I’ll use one of these on my blog soon.


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