Alert Thingy: FriendFeed Desktop App

Alert ThingyAlert Thingy is a Desktop app for friendfeed status updates. Alert Thingy is a Adobe Air app for friendfeed like Twhirl for twitter, which streams updates and allows you to post comments and messages to friendfeed.

Till now i am not an active user of friendfeed but after installing Alert Thingy i am now following friendfeed streams. Desktop apps are very good to follow these type of conversations than web. It also integrates a search function which is quite useful.

Alert Thingy looks great but there are some rough edges like currently it comes in dark background and white text which is hard to read. When you minimize it won’t go to the system tray but stays in the taskbar, i would expect it to hide is systel tray. Anyway it is a good app if you use friendfeed and wants to follow others streams easily with out much hassle. Thanks Shankar


  1. Shankar Ganesh says

    I really feel like they need to give us an option to customize the UI soon. The font is horrible and so are the colours.

    Leaving that aside, this is a great app and has tons of potential. I wouldn’t mind ditching Twhirl for Alert Thingy if they come with nice features targeted at Twitter (like direct posting, etc.)

  2. Syahid A. says

    I hope Digsby will add-on support for this FriendFeed service too. Too many desktop apps is killing my Windows memory!

  3. says

    Yaah twitter support would be awesome
    Digsby i tried only once, i have to see once again. You are right too many apps will make system slow to respond