All Hotmail Accounts Migrated to

Microsoft today announced that they completed the migration of all Hotmail accounts to, the new modern email service from Microsoft announced in July 2012. Microsoft is adding features to ever since it was announced, the updates include new modern outlook calendar, refreshed app for Android, two-factor authentication and Skype Video calling.

Microsoft has maintained the two email services and Hotmail for some time, in February it announced that Hotmail users will be migrated to the modern by this summer, at that time Microsoft said that there are currently 60 million active users of Migration of Hotmail to complete that active user count number now stands at 45 million active accounts.


Microsoft says that they have completed the task of migrating 150 petabytes of user data from old Hotmail to in just six weeks.

Microsoft has also added SMTP send support for the accounts, and it is available worldwide as of now. Other features include deeper SkyDrive integration with With this support users can attach large attachments as SkyDrive files to email messages with ease. With the direct integration you can select SkyDrive files while composing the message and they are shown as thumbnails with right permissions tied to it according to Microsoft. This SkyDrive integration is rolling out slowly, don’t worry if it didn’t reach your inbox, it will happen soon.

As the migration is complete you can use for accessing your Hotmail, there is no change in your email address though you will retain your address. Your mobile email apps also work exactly the same way as you are not changing the email address. You can find the FAQ here if you have any queries.