Batch Remove Metadata from Photos with Metanull

Photos taken with a digital camera or a smartphone carry metadata called as Exif (Exchangeable image file format) data sometimes has lot of information about the image. Depending on the device used Exif data can contain personally identifiable information about the user who has taken the photo.

Photos carry metadata containing details of the picture like its size, nature of the camera used, camera settings like shutter speed, aperture and more. This may not be lot of importance to us but for some these settings are very important as they reveal how that shot is taken.

Some photos taken with devices might carry geo location data that might allow others to identify your location or where you are at the moment when you immediately upload them online.

To avoid these kind of issues you can remove metadata selectively, that is by removing sensitive information but keeping other useful information in the images. This can be achieved in Windows, right clicking on and selecting properties, details tab, you can remove metadata from here. But if you have large number of photos that you want to remove Exif or metadata Windows Explorer is not the convenient way to do that.

Metanull is a portable Windows application that can remove metadata from your photos or images. It can be used to remove exif data from single or multiple images. The program is simple to use, select a single image or select a folder to batch remove meta information. Then select where you want to store meta data stripped images. Once done just hit the Null It button.

It will do the job in a min or so depending on the number of images you through at it. See the below image showing before and after stripping exif data with the program.

Metanull is a free download for Windows. Download Metanull