Bing Bar for IE updated with Facebook chat, Slacker Radio and more

Bing Bar probably is the best toolbar available for Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer along with Bing bar here is a good news for you. Bing team today announced the availability of an updated Bing bar with some new features to get you excited about the toolbar.

The new release Bing bar 7.1 will now allow you to access Facebook chat with out opening Facebook. Bing Bar already supports Facebook, you can read news feeds, and like web pages right from the toolbar itself. With the new Facebook chat support you don’t have to login all the time to Facebook to chat with Facebook friends.

Another feature that is added to Bing Bar today is Slacker Radio integration, it allows you to listen to Radio while surfing the web. It requires Flash player to work.

Bing Bar News app also got an improvement in terms of visual appeal and news sources have been extended.

Bing Bar search box now suggests search keywords with improved method of suggesting searches and also the sites are expanded to help you search faster and better.

Bing Bar 7.1 brings other updates as well along with the above mentioned. You should also note that all the features are not available in all markets. If you already have Bing Bar 7.0 then it will be updated automatically in the next few days. If you can’t wait for the toolbar you can download the Bing Bar like the rest of us.