Bing Launches Visual Search

Microsoft’s search engine Bing added a visual search feature. This is not a general feature available for all the search queries that goes through bing, but a feature that is more useful while finding products such as cameras, cars, people or books etc.

The visual search is really cool and a fun way to search visually. The feature is built using Microsoft’s Silverlight technology. Visual search shows thumbnail galleries for movies, cars, dogs, digital cameras among others.


Clicking on the thumbnail gallery will refine the search, for example clicking on Digital Cameras will show thumbnails of different models. The left sidebar gives other options to refine your search results. You can choose the type of the camera, like entry level D-SLR, compact, or give a range of mega pixel cameras you are looking for. You can also refine your search using Brand name, use case etc. The thumbnail images fly visually and arrange in a nice gallery format while refining the searches.

It shows around 50 results for any visual search, but you can see more results using the slider on the right side of the page. The experience is really good and Bing is trying to introduce innovative features like this to attract users to use their search engine. Visual search is not available for all general queries but only for those, most probably people want to search visually.

Bing Visual Search is only live in US, if you are outside US and don’t see it yet, change your country to US and go to