Clipperz: secure online password manager

Clipperz stores your passwords and other confidential information securely, so that you can access anytime you want. With Clipperz you can store anything from credit card numbers to passwords.

Clippers encrypts your data in your browser itself before sending it to clipperz servers, so your data is secure, even clipperz can’t see your information. Using clipperz you can login to any website in one click without bothering about security.

How it works:

For using clipperz create an account with clipperz and create cards for all the services you want to use. Cards are simple forms where you save your confidential data. For each web service you want to manage login create one card.

After logging in to clipperz drag a bookmarklet to your browser bookmark bar, when you want to create a card for a website go to login page of the site and click on the bookmarklet, now copy the code from the bookmarklet and go to your clipperz account and create a card for that website.

create clipperz card
Image: Creating a card for gmail

Once you create a card for a website you can simply click on that card, you will be taken to that site with logged in. You can add cards for all your favorite sites and from then you will never need to enter login details, clipperz will take care of that.
If you lose your clipperz login information there is no way you can retrieve your account information but you can create a new clipperz account.

There is an offline version also if you would like to take your data with you.

The keys for the encryption processes are derived from a passphrase known only to you! As a consequence, Clipperz will not be able to recover a lost passphrase because we don’t know it. Actually we don’t even know the username you have chosen!

You are not providing Clipperz any meaningful data, just a bunch of scrambled bits. Clipperz is the first “zero-knowledge� web application. Clipperz is simply in charge of delivering the Ajax code to your browser and then storing your data in an encrypted form on its servers.



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