Create and Manage Keyboard Shortcuts with HotKeyZ

HotkeyZ is a freeware application for setting keyboard shortcuts for any tasks in windows. Using HotkeyZ you can create, manage hot keys to launch programs, control applications, shutdown your system etc.

HotkeyZ comes with preset categories including Control Panel, Desktop Window, HotKeyZ commands, Internet, Shutdown options, Sound and System. You can control files, folders or run commands using this handy utility, iit also allows you to launch applications in Normal, Minimized or Maximized states. It supports parameters, while opening a browser you can set the parameter to open You can also disable some of the hotkeys with out deleting it.


There are several application launchers to quickly launch programs to increase productivity, this one is good if you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts for launching and controlling applications.
Download HotKeyZ, [Via cNet]