Create your own social bookmarking site with scuttle

Scuttle is a free open source software for creating social bookmarking site like Using Scuttle you can create a social bookmarking site in minutes, you can use the social bookmarking site for your personal or for community use. Scuttle code is available from, you can download it and install it on your server with ease.

Scuttle supports most of the API, so you can modify the tools to work with scuttle. You can also import your existing bookmarks from your browsers or from Scuttle is well written with Ajaxified user interface. It also generates RSS feeds, useful if you have built a community site using Scuttle.
Scuttle is Ajaxified. Scuttle is used to build several social bookmarking sites and that is slightly annoying as users are searching for social bookmarking sites list to auto post links.

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Download Scuttle files from project page and upload it to your server where you want to install scuttle.

Rename the file to and fill the database information. Enter host as localhost (most of the cases), no need to change port, username and password and upload it to your server. You would also want to change the name of the site, go down in file you will find sitename tag (line 88) there enter your sitename by replacing scuttle.

Create a database in the server and load the tables.sql file, this can be done through phpmyadmin.

Once database is setup point your borwser to your site, now it should show you the scuttle social bookmarking site.

Register now as a user and start using it to store your bookmarks. Scuttle doesn’t creat any admin users because there is nothing much for admin to do in the site. If you prefer not to allow users to register in your site, you can delete the register.php page. If you ever wanted to add users you can add them to the database. I will explain that below.

How to add users from phpMyAdmin:

Enter phpmyadmin and select your scuttle database. Select sc_users table from the database, click on insert tab in phpmyadmin, now enter user details like uId (userid), username and password. Password should be md5 hashed for security. See the below snapshots on how to do md5 hashing.

After md5 hashing passwords look like this

Thats all, now your social bookmarking site is ready, enjoy :)

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  1. Benedict Herold says

    This sound something similar to But I don’t think these kind of freely available social bookmarking site are popular..!

  2. says

    Its not pligg type but its more like this is good for personal bookmark manager.

  3. arnold says

    Hi, there’s a small error in the article. To add users from phpMyAdmin, passwords must be SHA1 hashed, **not** MD5. MD5 does not work at all.

  4. says

    I am not sure what u say,
    but as i said MD5 is working in my case, did u saw the pics above.

  5. Shankar Ganesh says

    Seems pretty cool. Will try out soon. As you said, it’ll be useful for personal bookmarking.

  6. says

    Installation went okay except I’m getting this error message when I click on About, Register or Login:

    No input file specified.

    Any suggestions on how to fix this?


  7. Jason Oconner says


    There should be a admin area to customize the look of the website, add catagories. Is there a more professional script for social book-marking sites

  8. jane says

    Hey guys, I tryid to instal this in a subfolder, and I need to set the haccess, when i do I get a server error 500.
    Help, what is wrong?

  9. says

    This is a new social bookmark software for me. How does Scuttle bring traffic for your website? Like ? Or other way?

  10. scuttleuser says

    I keep getting an error that says the user is denied access, using password = “yes” even though I changed the password. Any thoughts?