DailyMe: Personalized News Service

dailyme logoDalilyMe is a personalized news service currently in private beta. DaliyMe is not another news aggregator, what separates it from the crowd is DailyMe licensed the content from publishers, so you will never have to leave the site to read that interesting piece of story.

After creating an account with DailyMe, you can refine your news using categories, sources, keywords etc, this will give you the most control over what you want to read and what not. DailyMe has authoritative sources like AP, USA Today, UPI etc.


The other interesting thing in this website is you can read the news online or get email updates like any other site but with this you can also have your stories sent to your printer directly. To get your stories to your printer you need to download a little desktop application which will do the job for you.

DailyMe Founder Eduardo Hauser says

Our service allows you to define the news that matter to you — by selecting from categories, keywords, sources and more — and have it delivered fresh, whenever you want. You can also pick your preferred delivery method: web, email or direct to your printer (using a light desktop application we developed that prints DailyMe automatically at any time of your choosing, currently in testing). There are a variety of community features to enjoy that will be rolled out in the near future.

The website has a web2.0 look and the interface is visually appealing with AJAX functionality. I have a few Invites if you want to try DailyMe.



  1. says

    Hey Ram, you know trying to pull up your site from my feed thing was hard. Do you know if your server is running a bit slow? It could very well just be me.

    But anyway, this service looks good. Best thing imho is that it’s not an aggregator. Well, maybe that’s not a good thing. But all I know is I’ve been scraped a lot lately and this is just good to see. (#):)

  2. says

    yes site is responding slowly i am looking in to the issue, thanks for the feedback.

    The service is definitely worth a try