Dell’s Windows 8 tablet specs leaked, 10.1’ screen, 2GB RAM, Atom processor

We are expecting that several manufacturers will launch Windows 8 tablets when the next Windows operating system launches later this year. Nokia, Lenovo and Dell all are supposed to launch Windows 8 tablets, but one thing that is not yet revealed is the hardware specifications of these devices.

Neowin got hold of a slide that has specifications of a Dell Windows 8 tablet, we expect Dell to launch multiple devices with Windows 8. The leaked specs suggest that the Windows 8 tablet in question is 10.8 inch tablet with 10.1 inch HD display with 1366 x 768 resolution. Called Dell Latitude 10, the tablet is similar to Dell Latitude ST, Neowin points, in this case the tablet may not come at a cheaper price, and it might be a lot expensive than the iPad.

Other specs of the tablet include a dual-core Atom processor, Intel graphics (x86), 2GB of RAM, and 128GB SSD and will come with fingerprint reader for security. Dell is expected to launch several tablets and this might be one of them, With the above specs this tablet is not going to cheap like Android tablets.