Check DNS and Mail Server Configuration with IntoDNS

Few days back i got a dedicated server for my blog and moved from Movable Type to my own server. Since this is the first site i hosted on my server i wanted to check the DNS server and mail server setup whether i am configuring properly or not, this is an important step otherwise sites won’t resolve properly. IntoDNS is a free service that allows you to check your DNS and Mail server configurations.

IntoDNS is pretty clean and free, just enter your domain name and it gives you a full report with all the necessary checks. This way you can check whether there are any problems with the setup or everything is fine. It gives all the information about NS servers, mail servers, SOA records, CNAE, A record, IPs etc.




  1. […] Reverse IP Domain Check: With this tool you can check what are the other domains hosted along with a specific domain. It is a good tool some of the services charge users to get this information or ask you to register. If you are on a shared hosting you can check what other domains are hosted along with you, some hosts may contain few hundred sites on the same server. Also see Check DNS and Mail Server Configuration. […]